How Is Your Sock Game?

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The last two years has brought about a sock revolution. You see guys with minimal fashion sense rocking amazing colors and styles on their ankles. But don’t be confused, just because you moved beyond the blue and black men’s hosiery of the turn of the century doesn’t mean your sock kung fu is strong. With new sock brands popping up every day, there is no shortage of options for every occasion from a day on the basketball court to any formal occasion. But like every fashion trend, many of us think all we have to do is buy some new socks and it will work. No sir. So I just want to know where your sock game is, and before you match those socks with that ensemble, I want you to be clear about your level of sock knowledge.

But your sock game and how you decide to play it is as much about your level of creativity and style sense as the patterns on your suit or the color of your shirts.
Most men fit into one of the following:

1. I’M SOLID – You don’t own a stripe, polka dot of any size, animated character or even an argyle. You believe, like most men over 80, that the sock is a functional creation designed to keep everything from the ankle to the calf warm. Good luck with that.

2. SPECIAL OCCASION SUPERHERO – Someone is getting married, It’s New Year’s Eve, or you woke up on Monday in a great mood. These are the men that only own one or two pair of non-solid socks and actually get excited about the day they will wear them. But don’t think they are going to make it a habit. That would be like having too much fun. Most men in this category don’t have the tailored inseam to take full advantage of the occasion anyway. Even with the S on the sock they remain Clark Kent all night.

3. WALK THE LINE – These are the men that are making the transition from standard solids to a plethora of patterns. Normally these are men that have more colors and patterns than they can commit to wearing, but they are open to wearing some happy socks to the office without having to send a press release to warn HR.

4. IN THE LAB – These are men who are having fun perfecting the game. They have not only purchased more socks than have been gifted to them, but they have a favorite brand, know where its sold and are not afraid to rock them with regularity. These are men who either already valued a strategically placed break in their pants or are progressive enough to go just a little shorter to allow the sock fashion statement to have maximum impact.

5. SOCK SOMMELIER – This title is reserved for the connoisseur. This man knows the brands, fabrics, limited editions and designers. He doesn’t have a sock drawer…but a sock dresser. The combinations are likened to an artist, not a stylist. And he is as comfortable picking the perfect sock as he is telling you when not to wear any. We all aspire to this level of sock game.

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